Spring 2016 Vol 5 No 1

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Faery Dreams… and, Dreaming of Faery

Picture yourself, for instance curled up all cozy in your blankets in the bole or the roots of a fairy tree. Or lying in a gently rocking boat sailing to Tir Nan Og. Or lazily sipping elf-wine by a warm fire.  Or lying out in a meadow with the stars wheeling overhead and the fairies all around.”

– Dolores J. Nurss, Faery Dreaming


Editorial: Wandering In Faery

Ladies of the Darkness: Trows, Rusalki, Vampires, and White Ladies of Literature and Folklore Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D. 

Stories of undead maidens leading people to their doom appear throughout history, from the ancient Wild Hunt legends to the popular vampire novels of Victorian England.

Things That Need Speaking To:

The Inaugural Lost Chord Awards, January 23, 2016

The winners of this year’s Lost Chord Award discuss the music of enchantment.

Praise to artist, dancer and bard, who have helped us to see beauty since “the morning of the world.”

Why aspiring priests and priestesses would do well to join a community theater.

A Community Member Acknowledged for his Work to Bring World Peace.

Between the Worlds, Wisdom from The Coreopsis Artist in Residence

Introducing: Chip Thomas Artist in Residence for 2016

A shaman thanks folklorist Ivan Szendro for inspiring her life-or-death healing journey.

And: a folklorist offers a tribute in verse to shaman and Feri elder Melissa Pinol.


Modern-day revivalists spiritual and sensual pleasures of this ancient musical instrument.

A story is a collaboration between teller and audience, writer and reader.  Fiction is not only illusion, but collusion.

Given the film’s powerful supernatural elements, how accurately does James Cameron’s Avatar present the basic tenets of religious naturalism?

Artists Profiles Interviews

“I cannot remember the time when I hadn’t a pencil in my hand and from the very first my bent was toward the fantastic and the imaginative,” he recalled in 1907. (Ismann, 2003)

“There’s so much power in acknowledging what is. All of it, so that nothing stays hidden.”

“I needed a good five-string violin that was an acoustic-electric instrument. Something that sounds acoustic even at high volume, without a bad feedback problem.”



Sometimes you need to let an album percolate in your mind — while cleaning the house.

Final word – Staff Musings

Dreaming of David Bowie.  “Instead of conforming, instead of letting fear force him into banality, he became David Bowie. A name with a weapon.”


New releases

New Books!

Recently released albums that will soothe our soul (or rile it up) by Sharon Knight & Winter, Michael Mullen, Big Big Train, Still on the Hill, and Tim Rayborn.

What the SRA volunteers and Coreopsis Editorial Staff have been doing.

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