The Legend of Melissa Pinol

Unfolded & Retold With Love

by Ivan Szendro

big-bee-goddess_bm_gr18604-1234Yes, you were born to be happy and blessed,

Melissa (Bee)!

Were you not the child

who yearned to be the playmate of other ‘normal’ kids,

the little girl who needed extra effort for each ‘normal’ step?


Were you not the little bee

who wanted to gather honey like the big ones,

the fragile one, in soul and body,

wishing to be an active part of the beehive?


With her handicap she was challenged

to go much further than any of us.

Her lot was to be reborn as a dreamer poet,

as a visionary seer, a shaman,

to correspond to us of the Other Side.


She was the tricky Primordial,

after each dreamy time-space-venture when she saw the unseen.

now she can do what we, ‘normal’ ones can’t.


She can give rebirth to herself,

she is nourishing herself in her own womb,

full with honey.


She baptizes herself with honey,

she can meet any time her Angelic Helper

who calls her into the heights:

“Come with me, Melissa,

up to Trees, Mountains, and the Skies!”


Then halfway up

He offers her the biggest gift that a human-angel can give:

His life, through a long drawn-out suffering.


Just for you, Melissa,

that you become a victorious self-healer,

a self-rebirther, and a legend carrier,

to tell us about your glorious life

that is worth it to cry for, ask for,

and receive.


3 Responses to “The Legend of Melissa Pinol

  • Gabri'El Alice Stollman
    2 years ago

    Gabri’El Alice Stollman
    11:53 PM (17 hours ago)

    to Ivan
    Congratulations Ivan!
    Your essay unfolded some of the mystery of your path to shamanism which I appreciated.
    Melissa’s story was inspiring. What a unique and mystical individual!
    The legend of Melissa is beautiful and poetic.
    I am proud of you.
    With friendship and love,

  • Thank you Gabri’El, and here let’s our Friends know that soon we will publish together a book of your legend, the “Alice in the Upper-Land” , since Alice was your name before you started, much before you met me, your legendary life. We were blessed to meet each other, unfold together your shamanic legend and find a wonderful Hungarian illustrator, Miklós, who made 8 terrific pictures for our book. – Friends you make reservations for the upcoming book.

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