Walk Away: Reflections on “Omelas” and Growing up During the Cold War

Editorial: Walk Away Lezlie A. Kinyon, Ph.D. Ed. September, 2016 Vol. 5 Number 2: Women in War: Spirit, Body, Mind,...

Say to Them: Survive.  Interview with Zsuzanna Budapest

Edited By Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D., and Laurie Dietrich, Coreopsis Journal   On the 1956 Hungarian Revolution …      ...


We Hear From Our Readers ...

Letters: We Hear From Our Readers…

Send your thoughts here:   About the Spring 2016 issue Sat., Apr 2, 2016 Dear Eds, This is AWESOME...

Between the Worlds, Wisdom from The Coreopsis Artist in Residence

Interview with Chip Thomas by Helena Domenic Art>>

The Morrigan, by Lauren Raine>> 


Body, Mind, Heart, Art

Faerian Drama

…Without the Fairies: Two Post-Tolkienian Examples Janet Brennan Croft Rutgers University Abstract        In “On Fairy-stories” (1939), Tolkien...

Sex Yes, Censorship No

or, Marching in the Streets Revisited, a Personal Observation of Recent Intellectual History from Out of the Ballpark by Leslie...

Woman Veteran as Wounded Healer

Woman Veteran as Wounded Healer: The Ellie McEnroe Novels by Lisa Brackmann Interview by Rev. Denise Dumars, M.A. Abstract Novelist...

Dowry Death

Dowry Death: A Social and Political Creation by Stacy Dulan University of California at Berkeley   Abstract Dowry death in...



Profiles in Art

African Orisa Tradition

Conjuring Art Interview: Nedra T. Williams: Audio

Conjuring Art audio interview Nedra T. Williams interviewed by Luisah Teish Listen to a lively discussion with Priestesses of the...


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What is remembered, lives.

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