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Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre

Autumn 2016 Vol. 5 Number 2

Women in Oppression and War: Body, Mind, Heart, Art

Table of Contents

Cover Art by Thea Ghar, “Standing at the Banks”


Editorial: Walk Away: Reflections on “Omelas” and Growing up During the Cold War

Lezlie Kinyon, Phd., Ed.

Paradise always comes with a price, whether it’s Ursula K. Le Guin’s shining city of Omelas or the comfortable bubble of suburban America during the Cold War.

Zsuzsanna Budapest on the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, in conversation with the Coreopsis’ Editor.

An iconic figure in modern women’s spirituality discusses her experiences during the doomed 1956 Hungarian uprising and discusses her plans for a new animated web series.


We hear From Our Readers …

Between the Worlds: Wit and Wisdom of the Society for Ritual Arts Artist in Residence

Interview with Chip Thomas

by Helena Domenic Art

The artist’s personal journey, from serving the Navajo Nation as a young physician to celebrating indigenous culture as a photographer and muralist.

Curse of The Morrigan

by Lauren Raine

During a ritual protest against the annual Bohemian Grove meeting of the world’s rich and powerful men, an ancient Irish Goddess curses them for their sins.

Papers submitted for peer review

Dowry Death: A Social and Political Creation

Stacy Dulan, Artist-Scholar, Univ. of California at Berkeley

Art by Thea Gahr

The practice of murdering women in India to obtain or preserve dowry money arose largely from British colonial interference in indigenous marriage traditions.

Novelist Lisa Brackmann interviewed

by Denise Dumars, M.A.

In this trilogy of contemporary novels, an American soldier seeks redemption from her war crimes by fighting for politically oppressed artists in China.

Sex Yes, Censorship No

by Leslie Fish

The adventures of a politically-incorrect folk-singer, from the streets of working-class America to the overly-hallowed halls of academia.

Faerian Drama

by Janet Croft

Nearly eighty years ago, J.R.R. Tolkien first taught the concept of “fantasy with a realism and immediacy beyond the compass of any human mechanism.” Modern-day film and television has not forgotten that lesson.

Music Reviews

New Releases: Music of Note with Commentary by Robyn Perry

What’s new, notable, and announcing: Ritual Arts Radio!

Big Big Train: Folklore, ‘STONE AND STEEL’ DVD and video

A re-formed progressive rock band fuses Celtic, folk, jazz and orchestral sounds to tell archetypal stories of everyday heroes.

and Composing for Space and Time: Karmakanic’s DOT

The words of astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan inspired this musical portrait of Earth within the vast universe.

Snow White: The Mirror Cracked? Margaret Davis & Kristoph Klover Snow White: The Mirror’s Revenge

review by Helena Domenic Art

Fairy tales never really end, they just wait for new bards to continue the story. In this musical journey, we find out what happens after the cursed princess awakens to her Prince Charming.

The Anderson/Ponty Band Better Late Than Never

reviewed by Lezlie Kinyon

The Anderson/Ponty Band’s “pure magic” mix of progressive rock and jazz brought out the 17-year-old in an old rocker’s heart — especially when the live concert rolled into town.

Artist’s Profiles

Audio Interview: Conjuring Art audio interview Nedra T. Williams 

interviewed by Luisah Teish

Listen to a lively discussion with Priestesses of the African Orisa tradition, where they discuss healing “spiritual dereliction” via the artist’s direct connection with nature, perform a ritual invocation of the Goddess Olokun, and recount deep-forest encounters with walking sticks, spiders as big as melons, and a mysterious woman in a purple dress.


Nedra T. Williams: “Conjuring Art”


The Final Word: Staff Feature

For Your Consideration

by Laurie Dietrich with art by Luisah Teish

Just as the Big Bang shaped the universe, our use of words shapes the world around us.

War for Water: Prayer as Weapon

by Tatyanna Wilkinson

In North Dakota and around the country, water protectors(not protesters) have waged prayer to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

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