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BETWEEN WORLDS                                                                                                      

Message from Melissa Pinol to Ivan Szendro Concerning Lost Chord Award

Meliss Pinol IMG_20160215_201300Dear Ivan,

Thanks so much for calling me, I was very touched.

First, the background. I am of Filipino/Spanish and Russian ancestry on my father’s side, and Scottish/Irish on my mother’s. I have “Faery doctors” (basically Celtic Shamans) on my mother’s side and traditional Filipino Shamans/healers on my father’s. I have precognition and what’s called the Third Ear, basically the ability to hear into other worlds I am an Elder in the Feri tradition transmitted by the blind poet and Shaman, Victor Anderson, who passed away in 2000 in his 80s. From knowing Victor, I recognized your style of teaching. I am also a professional writer and much-published poet, and a folk singer.

I was born with a condition called brittle bone disease and have had multiple fractures. In 1998, Lezlie and I were on our way to a writer’s convention when I was in a terrible accident that left me with a shattered hip and broken back. The people responsible for the accident would not let Lezlie call an ambulance (before cell phones). I survived and had to have a hip replacement but almost died from complications during the surgery. I felt the world had come to an end, like “night had swallowed up the day.” I struggled on. I have been in almost constant agony for years; no medication could help.

I never gave up hope, but was starting to think: what’s the use? What’s next? It’s like every time I got up I was knocked down. Then Lezlie got me to go to this awards banquet, though I could barely sit up. So on that night, David, my dear friend who I almost married years ago, bought me a ticket to Lezlie’s  SRA Lost Chord Awards Concert event and insisted I come. I could barely sit but I came.

When you started talking, I went somewhere else. I don’t remember the story, but at one point I came back and was aware we were making eye contact in a very direct way. I felt perfectly safe, though I didn’t know you, and I am cautious by nature. I was aware then that you were teaching like Victor used to teach. I came back when you were telling the part about the Golden Maiden and the Judge of Blood; that’s all my consciousness mind remembered. I didn’t try to meet you for some reason (though now I would like very much to meet you), but it was not the right time. I stayed a little while longer, connected with some friends old and new, and then realized I was too sore to stay any longer. David was tired, so we left. When you told your story, I became part of it—it went into my deep self. I went home to bed and spent the next five days between the worlds having vision after vision. The entire system of my body was reconfigured when I came back. I was PAIN FREE.

Here is the first vision. That night when I went to bed, I left my body. It’s hard to put in words, but I went many places and through many lives between worlds. I was engaged in a battle to the death with what I thought was another being I know very well. I was shape-shifting from form to form, as in the folksong/spell, “I shall go into a hare with sorrow and sighing and muckle (much) care. I shall go into a bee with muckle sighing and dread of thee.” Finally, I ripped open the other being and extracted her primordial embryonic soul in a flood of blood, and she said, as she was dying, “Thank you. Will you baptize me?” I said, “I love Jesus, but I am not a Christian. I worship the Goddess.” I said I’d try. I was very dehydrated from the battle and there was no water, so I put the little primordial soul into kind of a honeycomb or bee egg cell (my name Melissa means bee), and oddly I spit on it, but the spit was like honey. The little soul was thankful; I tucked it away, and came back into my body. I opened my eyes and was here in my room. Then I went back into the otherworld for my own healing and spent the next five days there only waking to eat or drink a little, and the process continued. More later. I am very tired, and it’s hard to speak of things so deep. I will tell you what I was battling and saving later. It’s a strange and heartbreaking story that rips at the core.

I will jump back. After the first night’s vision of the embryonic soul, I found myself with my dead husband. He took my hand and said he was going to help me reclaim “the lost heights.” He took my hand and helped me climb upward—up and up—up mountains and cliffs and finally a very tall building. I was terrified but did it. I was aware of a group of beings scrambling around on the ground frantically yelling, “This can’t be! Get her off her high horse!” But I climbed on. Finally, I reached the highest height and there was a horse on top of all. I climbed up on the horse and stood up. I was some kind of being with wings and talons. I gripped the saddle with my claws and flapped my wings and the yelling below became wailing. Jim said, “It’s begun.”

I woke back in my body really having to pee, and it was clear I was peeing out toxins. I also noticed that my sweat smelled really bad. I reeked, and didn’t smell like myself. I continued to sweat and pee out toxins, and I was told [it was] literal disease. I was aware that my entire system, body, mind, and soul was reconfiguring itself. I remained PAIN FREE and very calm. I saw that the bruises I have been getting from the high doses of medication were fading. Daniel came back and made me food. I was ravenous and thirsty.

I went into a healing that was activated by your story. I had many visions starting with an earthshaking one, and over the next week I healed, purged toxins, and reconfigured my blood. My neural system became pain-free when previously I had been taking eight Percocet a day. Also, I cut my anxiety meds in half. I was filled with light. I had reconnected with my allies; everything looked and felt different. I was led to know I was healing in a huge way. I had things taken out of me. In most of the visions I was naked and completely unashamed because I have never had bodily shame. It’s like I am not from a lineage of original sin. I wear clothes because I’m cold, or so I won’t be arrested! Even with all my scars from injuries/surgeries and being told I am “ugly,” I never internalized it.

On the fifth day, I went to that hospital-like place, and the next day when I woke up I felt wonderful. When I looked in the mirror, I even looked different! Daniel said I looked “all shiny.” But I was still not completely out of the woods. I forgot to tell you that before the battle, where I liberated the soul, I traveled to a place I have been many times which is ruled by an evil tyrant (more on him later), who thinks he rules this world. He’s kind of like an evil landlord who thinks he owns our homes and can throw us out any time he wants. He tried to tell me he owned my home though I own my own condo, and would throw me out. He said he could throw me out of my body too! I utterly denied him.

The landlord, or T., or the Judge of Blood was trying to give me a serious—maybe terminal—illness, probably a relapse of the cancer I beat two years ago. But enormous efforts had been made to give me a chance, even literally changing my blood as per the fading bruises. He appeared one more time, talking about throwing me out of my “house” (body) because he was so mad I had beat and humiliated him and made him lose slaves. I do not give him any power over me. The seventh day most of the healing changing was completed and I came back to this world. Then I contacted you. This is most of my story. I am aware it is not over yet.

One more thing: I was in such agony I could barely get up. I had to be dragged to the event and I was very weak and covered in bruises from the meds. Now I barely have to take any pain medication! I expected a concert and entertainment at the SRA Lost Chord Awards Concert, not healing. David thought it might cheer me up. I had no idea what would happen. So, here’s my question. Did you somehow “recognize” something about me? I am astonished that you figured this out from so little information. What led you to make direct eye contact? Ren noticed it was held for a while (she was sitting next to me). By the way, Ren also had amazing dreams afterwards, but not a profound healing. So, you got through to others, at least to Ren, too.

I’m kind of excited and I can’t resist asking: Do you think the Judge of Blood, the landlord, and T. are connected? Is this maybe why the story hit me so hard? Was he the tyranny that had to be defeated for me? What is to you the meaning of the liberation of the embryonic soul? What was your impression and experience of connecting with me, or were you unaware that a connection had been made? What do you think about the library and some of the other images from visions like the beautiful room filled with pure white light and the sound of the highest piano key?

You can show this certainly if it will help you get across what you do in your healing work. I am a professional writer, but I’m VERY honored you want to do this. Yes and yes! Let’s get the word out this stuff is absolutely real, and amazing work you do. Now that I have finished, what do we do from here? Is the healing complete or is there more work? I’m sure I will continue working on myself, but are you willing to help me figure out if I’m out of danger or if the work is complete? I have tried so hard to let you know your work had a positive outcome. I said I would send you a donation towards your dream but would you like to do a reading at this point or something else? I came to you not so much asking for help but letting you know I had been helped, but I would like very much to hear your feedback and impressions on what I have told you. You are the only person who has heard most of it. I really would like to know what some of the visions mean to you, as I really poured my heart out. Thank you for your non judgment.

Everything I told you is real on the honor of my soul. By the way, Lezlie also asked me to write an article. Remember I have known Lezlie since her daughter Thea was two! I would really enjoy hearing your response to all this amazing stuff after you have the chance to digest it. Let me know how to send the donation and how you want to proceed.



The Legend of Melissa Pinol

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