Thank You

Without the following people, this issue of Coreopsis; A Journal of Myth and Theatre could not have come to fruition:

Cover Art: © Christina Poteros, 2016 all rights reserved.

Our Volunteer Staff for this issue:

Editorial staff

Lezlie A. Kinyon: Ph.D.: Editor/Owner

Tzipora Katz, Ph.D.: Associate Editor

Staff editors:

Susan Gabrielle, MA

Jenna Farr-Ludwig, contributing editor

Laurie Laurie Dietrich

Rose Jayada Bekker

David Bragi: Copywriter

Elizabeth Spurr: Photographic Artist

Thea Kinyon Boodhoo: Branding Advisor, Designer

Krispin Harker: Social Media

River Roberts: Volunteer Coordinator


Ivan Szendro, Artist-in-Residence 2015

Chip Thomas, Artist in Residence 2016

Elizabeth Spurr, Photography

Lezlie Kinyon, Photography

Cindy Anderson, Video

Michael Mullen, Musician

Christina Poteros, Artist

Arthur Rackham, Artist

Society for Ritual Arts Board

and Coreopsis Advisory Board Members

Marylyn Motherbear Scott

Linda von Brasket-Crowe

Thea Kinyon-Boodhoo

Tatyanna Wilkinson

Ivan Szendro

Emeritus Editorial Board

Rev. Donnell Miller, Ph.D., Johnston Center for Integrative Studies; Horsham Clinic; Moreno Institute/West

Rev. Denise D. Dumars, M. A.

Laura Miriam, Ph.D.

Web Design

Thea Artemis Kinyon Boodhoo

Tatyanna Wilkinson, Webmistress at Egeria Consulting

Peer Reviewers and Readers:

Sharon Mijares, Ph.D. California Institute of Human Science, Faculty. United Nations University for Peace. Costa Rica.

Sarah Caissie-Provost, Ph.D., Clark University

Rick Gilbert, Ph.D., Saybrook University; Founder, PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Curt Hoffman, Ph.D. Full Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Bridgewater State University

Aaron Irvin, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Arianne N. Johnson, M.F.A., Ph.D. Candidate, Princeton University

Jerry Jaffee, Ph.D., Lake Erie College

Sarah A. Kass, Ph.D. Columbia University. and Saybrook University; New York Times staff editor.; Ed. The New Existentialist

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Saybrook University

Melissa Marrapese, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at The Fremont Community Therapy Project

Connie McNeely, Ph.D., Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

Donnell Miller, Ph.D., Horsham Clinic; Johnston College; University of Redlands (Emeritus)

Laura Miriam, Ph.D., Saybrook University

Joan Hageman, Ph.D., Saybrook University Alumni Council, President Emeritus

Allan Coombs, Ph.D., California Institute of Integral Studies

Erika M. Nelson, Ph.D.

Rodney Shackelford, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins,Molecular Pathology Fellow

Lauriantiu Ristashe, Ph.D. Sophia, Bulgaria

Daryl Paulson, Ph.d.

Silvia Zweifel, Buenos Aires, AR.

Artist Referees:

Denita Benyshek, Ph.D., Visual Artist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Stacy Karis Dulan singer-songwriter, USA

Doug Peters singer-songwriter, United Kingdom

Maria Volchenko, Ph.D. Artist, Dream Researcher Lomonosov Moscow State University

Ph.D. Ukraine

Zsuzanna Budapest, ritualist, writer, activist, USA

Diana Rowan, Ph.D., Musician

Emeritus – thank you and we wish you well…

Editing a journal such as this one, no matter how small, is a big job, and one that requires more commitment than rewards.  We also understand the calls of the “real world” of career must, at time, overtake those who have put so much in the way of time and energy into a volunteer publication.  

A special goodbye to

Dr. Donnell Miller, Ph.D., Advisory Board Member

Who left this Earth January, 2015, after a long illness and whose presence is greatly missed by all.

George Hersh, Ph.D., Advisory Board, Emeritus, who passed into Fair Avalon in 2014 from complications of cancer – and – who will be greatly missed.

At this time we should like to also express gratitude and good wishes for future successes to these contributors. It’s been a terrific experience working with you, and we hope that you will continue to stay in touch. Good luck to you in all things!

Sarah A. Kass, Ph.D., Author Liaison, Columbia University. and Saybrook University; New York Times staff editor.; Ed. The New Existentialist

Reba Wissner, Ph.D., Music Editor Emeritus.

Paul B. Rucker: Art Direction Emeritus

Laura Miriam, Ph.D., Advisory Board, Emeritus

Denita Benyshek, Ph.D., Editorial Staff, Emeritus

Aaron Irvin, Ph.D., Reader, artist referee

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